Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I have several dispensers with unkown (Yiddish?) characters on the back. I don't know where I got these dispensers, or the language on the back. Still, it is an interesting card variation.

Tweety Arabic Tweety Cool (Arabic?)

Ghost Arabic Ghost Head(Arabic?)

Tweety Back Tweety Back(Arabic?)

Ghost Back Ghost Back (Arabic?)

Close-Up Close-Up(Arabic?)


The Asterix series was reissued in 1998. A very popular series that was only available in Canada for a short time before the switchover from PEZ International. This was one of the first series to be released on the new Canadian graphics cards. The Guard was very short shipped and is especially rare.

Asterix Asterix

Guard Guard

Muselix Muselix

Obelix Obelix

Body Parts

PEZ released body parts to "dress up" your dispensers in the early 1990s. The originals on pink cards as well as the second series (on red cards) are now discontinued. There are some cards from other countries (Italy and Austria) as well. See Double Cards section also.

Series One

Barbarian Barbarian

Hockey Player Hockey Player

Knight Knight

Maid Maid

Nurse Nurse

Red-Dress Red-Dress

Robin-Hood Robin-Hood

Skeleton Skeleton

Series Two

Cavalry (Austria) Cavalry (Austria)

Cavalry (Canada) Cavalry (Canada)

Caveman (Austria) Caveman (Austria)

Convict (Austria) Convict (Austria)

Cowgirl (Austria) Cowgirl (Austria)

Guard (Austria) Guard (Austria)

Guard (Canada) Guard (Canada)

Spaceman (Austria) Spaceman (Austria)

Spaceman (Canada) Spaceman (Canada)

Austrian Card Back Austrian Card Back

Austrian Card Back Close-Up Austrian Card Back Close-Up


Candy released in Canada came with a special toy. Here is a complete set of Dinosaur stickers, tattoo, and stencils.

It should be noted, too, that the two dinosaur stickers with HAAS logo are legit. I have never seen HAAS on any other PEZ product, and I know that these are very very rare pieces.

Dinosaur Stickers (Haas)

Deinonychus (Haas) Deinonychus (Haas)

Deinonychus Close-Up(Haas) Deinonychus Close-Up(Haas)

Styracosaurus (Haas) Styracosaurus (Haas)

Styracosaurus Close-Up(Haas) Styracosaurus Close-Up(Haas)

Tyrannosaurus (Haas) Tyrannosaurus (Haas)

Tyrannosaurus Close-Up(Haas) Tyrannosaurus Close-Up(Haas)

Dinosaur Stickers

All Dinosaurs All Dinosaurs

Apatosaurus Apatosaurus

Deinonychus Deinonychus

Dimetrodon Dimetrodon

Pteranodon Pteranodon

Stegasaurus Stegasaurus

Styracosaurus Styracosaurus

Triceratops Triceratops

Tyrannosaurus Tyrannosaurus


All Stencils All Stencils

Alligator Stencil Alligator Stencil

Bulldog Stencil Bulldog Stencil

Giraffe Stencil Giraffe Stencil

Monkey Stencil Monkey Stencil

Parrot Stencil Parrot Stencil

Snake Stencil Snake Stencil


All Tattoos All Tattoos

Alligator Tattoo Alligator Tattoo

Bulldog Tattoo Bulldog Tattoo

Buzzard Tattoo Buzzard Tattoo

Hippo Tattoo Hippo Tattoo

Monkey Tattoo Monkey Tattoo

Snake Tattoo Snake Tattoo

Animal Stickers

Alligator Juggling Alligator Juggling

Alligator Skateboarding Alligator Skateboarding

Bulldog Sticker Bulldog Sticker

Buzzard Sticker Buzzard Sticker

Cow Sticker Cow Sticker

Elephant Sticker Elephant Sticker

Giraffe Sticker Giraffe Sticker

Hippo Sticker Hippo Sticker

Lion Sticker Lion Sticker

Monkey Sticker Monkey Sticker

Lion Sticker Lion Sticker

Parrot Sticker Parrot Sticker

Snake Sticker Snake Sticker

MGM Stickers

Tom Sticker Tom Sticker